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Your gifts make a profound difference to the entire community


Thanks to You

You may have experienced Columbia Memorial Health, you may be a patient at one of our Care Centers, or you may simply be interested in the well-being of our community. When you contribute to the Columbia Memorial Health Foundation, you help us to provide our communities with high-quality, comprehensive health care services in a dignified and compassionate environment. From facility renovations to advanced medical technology, your gifts make a profound difference to the entire community.

Thanks to our donors Columbia Memorial Health upgraded its surgical X-ray technology with a new “C-Arm” machine. The device significantly improves the quality of images taken during surgical procedures, providing surgeons with real-time, higher resolution visual information to aid their work.


3D mammography is offered at CMH’s Catskill, Hudson and Valatie imaging centers, serving over 10,000 women annually. This innovative technology provides superior images that make it possible to identify breast cancer abnormalities in their early stages, enabling our expert medical team to develop the best possible treatment options and outcomes for our patients.

3d biopsy for mammogram

3D Breast Biopsy Technology allows patients to have breast lesions identified on their mammogram biopsied with the precision of 3D stereotactic localization. 3D stereotactic localization is a low risk, minimally invasive technique used to biopsy for detection of breast cancer rather than undergoing an excisional biopsy procedure that requires an operating room visit and anesthesia. The 3D stereotactic localization of breast lesions allows for a small number of samples to be taken from the breast and benefits the patient by conserving breast tissue. It is also more convenient, efficient and cost effective for the patient as lumpectomy is only performed when malignancy is confirmed through the 3D biopsy.

“The clinical implications of this technology are profound. Pairing our existing 3-D mammography with advanced 3-D biopsy capabilities will enable far more precise location and sampling of tissue, minimizing the impact on surrounding tissue and yielding a better outcome for our patients.” – Rakel Astorga, M.D.


CMH Surgeons are now the only orthopedic specialists in the region who perform hip and knee replacements using a state-of-the-art robotic surgical system that is far more precise than conventional surgery. Using computer modeling, a robotic instrument and the patients’ CT images, CMH surgeons plan and perform surgeries with a degree of accuracy that unavailable is anywhere else in the region.

Every Gift Helps

There are many different ways to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to Columbia Memorial Health. Your kindness is valued and contributes to the overall health and wellbeing of our community.

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